Con+Temporary Con + Temporary, Con as a Latin prefix, means "common, mutual, together", Temporary means "extemporaneous, flowing." When these two words roll into one, it becomes a combination of one theme. Bringing many flowing, transitory slices together which is innumerable instantaneous flow creates a sense of ongoing and contemporaneity. The intention of the exhibition is exactly like this: A composite scene is formed of multiple units to record the aspect of contemporary art that is surging and growing. Since the reform and opening, Chinese society has developed rapidly, its population has migrated to cities, the market economy has brought commercial prosperity, and with the advent of the Internet era, China has entered a global system. In the field of art, the avant-garde movement that appeared in the 1980s changed the concept of Chinese art, after forty years of precipitation and a generation of artists seeking new changes and innovation, Chinese contemporary art collided and blended with indigenous and foreign cultures, gradually formed a diversified and international context. The progress of social environment and artistic ecology have emerged to the changes in concepts, media and creative methods of the generation of artists born around the 1980s and growing up with reform and opening-up. They reflect of their own civilization, there is a contemporary consciousness of the social reality environment and the new survival dilemma in the information digitization era, and the consciousness that transcends the region and the nation. This exhibition selects 9 representative artists born around the 1980s: Zang Kunkun, Zhao Zhao, Ye Linghan/You Jin, Li Qing/Zhang Yexing, Wu Jianan, Chen Yujun, Tong Yanrunan, and constitutes 7 independent exhibition units. Five of the units are individual units, which are unique display, and the other two units are combined to form an artist's dialogue with their artworks. Each unit presents a multi side of contemporary art. Seven units are like seven different slices and sides of reflector, reflecting the light of contemporary art from the perspective of contemporary society.